About Breana

Throughout my travels, I have crossed paths with so many people that would say "I wish I could do something like that." Well, this blog was built for you.

Adventure has always been a part of me. My love for travel, hiking and camping began as a child, and I was lucky to have parents that filled my childhood with vacations, road trips and daily excursions. As I’ve grown older, I continue to explore and surround myself with people who inspire and challenge me to take on new adventures (one of which I'm marrying!). Some of my trips have been good and others...let's call them learning lessons.

My travel excursions don’t fit in one category - from exploring a nearby landmark to traveling thousands of miles, I’m always looking for something new. Some of my favorite memories include driving cross country to make my roots on the East Coast, getting lost on a train in Paris, prost-ing in Munich's beer garden and hiking down to the Grand Canyon's turquoise waters, Havasu Falls.

Exploring a new destination is something I live for, and Unrestricted Roads was built on the premise to inspire others to take a trip, whether it's within their own city limits or across the sea. Remember, life is unrestricted. There is always something new to discover, and I hope this blog inspires you to explore beyond your boundaries. 

Stay Wild,